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Bringing efficiency to decentralised app development with Octopus


Building a bridge between traditional & decentralised finance

As early experiments in DeFi start to mature, it’s clear that a simplified user experience…

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Building Regulated Liquidity & Connectivity Services for the Crypto Markets

As the recent FCA clampdown on Binance in the UK has shown, regulators are taking…

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Building the Coinbase for NFT’s

As we move from a phase where crypto was mostly the domain of the tech-savvy…

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Maximising Capacity & Simplicity for DeFi Insurance Protocols

Whilst the permissionless nature of DeFi development is a major feature, the competition and fragmentation…

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Building an Open Tokenised Economy for Commerce

Bitcoin’s original mission was to deliver a decentralised digital cash system and DeFi has since…

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User-Friendly Fixed Income Products for DeFi

Although DeFi has captured the imagination in recent times, it can’t be denied that its…

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Downside Risk Protection in DeFi with Bumper

On this week’s episode of Meet the Founders, Jonathan DeCarteret, CEO of Bumper and his…

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Unlocking the Corporate Bond Market with LedgerEdge’s David Nicol

On this episode of CoinScrum’s Meet the Founders, our host, Oscar Hammond interviewed David Nicol,…

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Building a multi-asset trading ecosystem with Fabriik’s Roy Bernhard

This week on the Meet the founder series, host, Paul Gordon was joined by Roy…

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Crypto Sentiment Data Signals With Trade the Chain’s Alex Mascioli

Alex Mascioli, co-founder of Trade the Chain, joined host Paul Gordon to discuss the role…

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TotemFi: Solving the Prediction Markets With Jolyon and Harry Horsfall

Brothers Jolyon and Harry Horsfall, co-founders at TotemFi, joined host Oscar Hammond to discuss the…

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