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Braiins & Zebedee


Scaling Tokenised Securities – Reg vs Tech

What are the main challenges facing Tokenised Securities? For our next instalment of Coinscrum_markets, in partnership with, we take a closer look at a topic that’s garnered much attention over the past year or two. On the surface, using blockchain/DLT to simplify and disrupt…

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Brave Browser & Colony

At our next edition of Coinscrum_presents we look at two of the more interesting use-cases that have framed part of the future-of-blockchain discussion over the past two years. The Attention Economy & new forms of organisations on the internet —– The Brave Browser – Towards…

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From Tether to the Bank of England (via Facebook)

Where next for fiat-backed digital currency?  Coinscrum_markets, in partnership with, is back with a bang on October 2nd in the run-up to The Trading Show Europe to introduce some truly pioneering thought leaders that have been instrumental in cementing the credibility of the crypto…

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Grin :: Featuring Daniel Lehnberg, Grin Core

Heads down Coinscrummers – the sun’s on its way back south and it’s time to get back to work. That may be a little depressing so the only thing we can do to fix it is Grin! So, with much pleasure, we’re excited to welcome…

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Crypto Markets :: Past, Present & Future

We’re  thrilled to announce the launch of our new regular event stream, Coinscrum_markets, in partnership with one of the industry’s truly pioneering brands, Not only did launch Bitcoin’s first Block Explorer website, they also launched the first non-custodial web-wallet platform, vastly simplifying user…

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Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos, technologist and author of “Mastering Bitcoin,” joined Coinscrum in front of a live audience to discuss the strengths of the leading public blockchain networks and how the industry should be looking more closely at how they complement each other, rather than compete. To…

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Andreas Antonopoulos & Pamela Morgan

And they’re back! We’re naturally thrilled to welcome back two old friends of Coinscrum for what we’re sure will be another memorable evening. We’re guessing that Andreas needs little introduction, having become widely known as one of crypto’s most ardent champions and eloquent educators since…

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Bitcoin Pizza Day Party

To kick off the first of our monthly Social Networking events, what better way to celebrate than to hold a Bitcoin Pizza Day party. May 22nd 2010 is widely recognised as the day that the first Bitcoin purchase was made when a mere 10,000 bitcoins…

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Tezos & R3

There has been a long standing staring match between proponents of public and private blockchain/DLT network use-cases but the reality is, each still have some way to go if either are to win over those all important users. At our next event, we welcome two…

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Trading & Safeguarding Crypto Assets

Coinscrum is honoured to have been invited to host a stage at the world’s largest blockchain conference, Blockchain Expo, on Thursday 25th April, 2019 at 5pm And never wanting to disappoint, we decided to go out and nab some of the best in the industry…

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The Lightning Network

Way back in January 2016, when the ICO acronym uniquely stood for the Information Commissioner’s Office, Joseph Poon & Thaddeus Dryja published a paper that proposed a second-layer scaling solution for Bitcoin that would simply utilise Bitcoin’s existing restrictive, yet robust, scripting language. During the…

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