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Ian Grigg
Ian Grigg
Major project: Advisor at Akropolis, EOS, Mattereum, Knabu. Financial Cryptographer / Crypto-Plumber. Developed the Ricardo Transaction Engine from 1995-Present. Invented: Ricardian Contract, Triple-Entry Accounting.

Satoshi is dead. Long live Satoshi

Craig Wright has just outed himself as the leader of the Satoshi Nakamoto team. I confirm that this is true, both from direct knowledge and a base of evidence. In an article in the Economist, Craig credited the late Dave Kleiman as member of the…

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A short history of decentralisation in financial cryptography

Financial cryptography is what we sometimes call the space between finance and cryptography, which is a pretty big spectrum. But fun and exciting nonetheless! There is a lot of prior work, extending back to the 1980s, and a lot of different threads. Following is a…

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What (further) did Bitcoin achieve – breaking the taboo on self-issuance

(Author’s note.  This is the third in a series of posts within a grander vision. Part 1. Part 2.) Pressed Flower Money I spent 20 years trying to get a date with Ricardo. There were two huge problems. One: financial cryptography was banking. Banking was done by banks,…

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What (more) did Bitcoin achieve – coalescence of the community into a GFN

(part 2 in a series on the impact of the Bitcoin thing. Cheater’s tip – the tl;dr is at the bottom.  Part 1. Part 3.) An under-appreciated but perhaps even more interesting thing that Satoshi Nakamoto achieved is this: Bitcoin has coalesced the financial cryptography community –…

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What (else) did Bitcoin achieve – verifiable computing

(part 1 in a series on the impact of the Satoshi’s invention.  Part 2., Part 3.) There are several things that Bitcoin achieved – the money, and the invention of the blockchain being the obvious ones that people talk about. But it is in the process…

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What Satoshi Did

Satoshi Nakamoto drew from the history of cryptocurrencies since David Chaum’s seminal blinding formula in the 1980s.  He postulated that the flaw with existing approaches to cryptocurrencies was that a single powerful attacker could undermine and destroy the system.  In order to to defeat the…

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