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Yathu Yoga

Lecturer in
Anthropology of Enterprise

Available but the majority have suffer alteration.

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Anna Rohmann

PhD candidate,
Associate Lecturer, Researcher

PhD Candidate in FinTech and Social Change Anthropology

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Annaliese Milano

PhD Candidate,
Dept. of Anthropology, LSE

PhD Candidate Researching Crypto Communities, Governance

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Nick Almond

CEO Factory Labs

Emerging technology research and development company specialist

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Each lecture will run for ~45 mins with a 15 min Q&A

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From Ancient Roots to Digital Frontiers: Unraveling the Multifaceted History and Ecology of Cryptocurrencies

February 14th, 2024


Yathu Yoga

  • 1Exploring Bitcoin's Origins: Tracing its journey from Ancient India and Greek influences to the rise of cypherpunks.
  • 2Alternative History of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies: Unpacking a unique narrative beyond the mainstream understanding.
  • 3Understanding the Crypto Ecology: Investigating where and how cryptocurrencies are developed and utilized globally.
  • 4Identifying Key Players: Delving into who is shaping the cryptocurrency landscape.
  • 5Deepening Cryptocurrency Comprehension: Addressing critical questions for a more profound understanding of crypto's essence.
  • 6Current Landscape Analysis: Examining the historical, political, and economic factors impacting cryptocurrencies today.
  • 7Anthropological Perspectives: Discussing crypto through the lens of culture, rituals, power dynamics, networks, and storytelling.

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