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Nick Duddy
Nick Duddy
CMO/COO at Coinscrum. Been round the rodeo a few times. Bitcoin first but that doesn't mean others aren't doing cool things worth investigating. Believe in strong communities, networks and people.

Q1 Community Update

Hello again scrummers! After a roaring start to the new year from the sudden moves upwards for Bitcoin to the ETF announcements, we’re coming to the close of the first month in 2024. With 2023 behind us and a bullish outlook for Q1 2024, we…

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Exploring the Top Bitcoin Layers & Projects of 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

The Top Bitcoin Layers and Projects of 2024: Revolutionising Digital Currency In 2023, the Bitcoin ecosystem has witnessed remarkable innovations, with various layers and projects enhancing its functionality and usability. This guide highlights the top Bitcoin layers and groundbreaking projects like Stacks, Ordinals, and RGB,…

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Building DeFi on Bitcoin with Rootstock: The World’s First EVM Compatible Sidechain

Building on Bitcoin? Apply for a slice of $2.5m from the Rootstock Strategic Grants Program   Emerging from Bitcoin’s innovation, blockchain technology has significantly impacted various sectors, notably finance and banking, by offering secure, transparent decentralized mechanisms for global asset transfers. Yet, the constraints in…

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A Decade of Ethereum: Exploring the Future

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE A Decade of Ethereum: Exploring the Future Join us for an exciting event celebrating ten years of Ethereum! Dive into the world of the Ethereum blockchain and discover what the future holds for this groundbreaking technology. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto…

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Exploring Ordinals & BRC20 Tokens: Innovation or Udiocy, Bug or Feature?

GET TICKETS HERE Join us for an exciting event where we dive deep into the world of Ordinals and BRC20 Tokens with our special guest panel of Bitcoin builders. Is it a groundbreaking innovation or just plain udiocy? Are the ‘bugs’ outweighing the features? Let’s…

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Bitcoin Happy Hour !

Coinscrum X Zebu (Sponsored by Stacks) Get your tickets on our eventbrite page here As part of the Zebu Live conference and London Tech Week 2023, join us for a fun-filled evening of networking, drinks, and all things Bitcoin! This in-person event will be held…

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Bitcoin Developer Workshop: Exploring Bitcoin Dapps With Rootstock (RSK)

Get tickets here Bitcoin development is growing at an unprecedented rate! Everything from NFTs, to Ordinals and Bitcoin DeFi has come a massively long way since the 2020/21 bull cycle. Now Bitcoin ecosystem development is set to be the driver for the next bull run,…

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The Big Bitcoin & Web3 Summer Party!

The Big Bitcoin & Web3 Summer Party! — In partnership with Crypto Mondays London, STX:LDN & ArtSect Gallery – Supported by It’s time for the summer break. In true Coinscrum fashion, we’re throwing a party! We’re bringing communities from all walks of crypto together…

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Become a Coinscrum Community Author

The ‘Coinscum Standard’ Welcome to our Coinscrum community guest contribution section. Below, you will find a short version of our conditions for guest articles that we publish, followed by our full guidelines in long form. Background Coinscrum is about supporting crypto and digital assets so…

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DAOs Go Mainstream

This cycle has no doubt propelled crypto into the public zeitgeist in ways that most couldn’t have imagined in the doomy depths of the previous bear market.       But here we are, Super Bowl ads, celebs and movie studios slinging JPEGs, multi-billion dollar dog money….

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Defining DAOs: Do we even know what they are yet?

One of the things I get asked the most is, “But Nick, what is a DAO?” Normally after I’ve spent far too long discussing the intricacies of DAO tooling token economics. My answer is often rather disappointing, “We don’t really know yet…” Not what people…

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How Cryptoassets & DeFi Are Reshaping TradFi

Coinscrum – Empowering The Institutional Crypto Community Coinscrum is where the institutional crypto community calls home. It brings together the crypto industry around three core offerings: community content and insights; trading products with a first flagship product ‘CORTEX’, the institutional crypto data, news and analysis…

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