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Coinscrum {Presents} :: A Fireside Chat with Matt Corallo & Jeremy Welch


Quantum-Proofing Bitcoin

In light of the threat that quantum computers pose to crypto-systems such as RSA and ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography), the once-distant need to develop and deploy quantum-resistant technologies is quickly becoming a reality. However, the use of ECC digital signatures and other similar cryptographic algorithms…

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Christmas Knees Up

When Coinscrum celebrated its first Christmas, all 8 of us were pretty depressed with Bitcoin having barely recovered from its summertime crash from $15 down to $7 and poor Vitalik couldn’t attend since he was locked in his bedroom studying for his mock GCSE’s (and…

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Coinscrum {social} :: with CommerceBlock

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Founded by Nicholas Gregory in 2016, CommerceBlock has a long history in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Their first step was to specify and implement BIP 175, a protocol that allows businesses to leverage cryptography in new and exciting ways. Looking forward, they are excited to contribute…

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Blockstack’s Muneeb Ali

Dr. Muneeb Ali talks to Coinscrum about Blockstacks a framework for a decentralised internet and Web.30

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Coinscrum {Presents} :: Horizen’s Rob Viglione

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Blockstack & Horizen

It’s Coinscrum’s 6th Birthday! And to celebrate, we’re thrilled to welcome Muneeb Ali, the co-founder of Blockstack, Kevin Hobbs of Vanbex & Robert Viglione of Horizen (formerly Zen Cash) – hosted at Monzo’s shiny new HQ in Finsbury Square. —– Blockstack is a new internet…

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Coinscrum {Social} :: Introducing Token Lounge

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Coinscrum {Social} :: Introducing Knabu

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Introducing Token Lounge & Knabu

SOCIAL SOAPBOX Doors open at 6pm Presentation starts at 6:30pm followed by networking This month we welcome the teams from Token Lounge & Knabu to the soapbox. —– TOKEN LOUNGE is a new protocol for Pool investing into ICO’s by using Smart Contracts, that allows…

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Beers & Bitcoins #2

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