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Cybersecurity in crypto: Attack on DeFi Exchanges


Onchain Reaction with Tom Salter – Who Has Been Driving Bitcoin’s August Price Rally?

Tom joins to review Bitcoin’s price rally, along with the aftermath of Chinas’s crackdown in July and the explaination behind the market’s current bullish picture.

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US Infrastructure Bill Impact

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This week in the markets w/ Flovtec’s Anton Golub

On this episode of “This week in the markets”, Anton Golub, CEO, Flovtec returns for a review of markets over the past week including MicroStrategy issuing more debt for BTC, El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as legal tender and the BOE firing another shot across the…

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This week in the markets w/ Crypto Finance AG’s Patrick Heusser

Patrick joined Paul Gordon to review the last week in the crypto markets. Thoughts on Price Action The week was a nervous one for traders characterized by panicky traders, a massive sell-off and a huge dip in prices. The week started with a dip in…

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Onchain Reaction with Tom Salter – Bad News For Bitcoin And Mining’s Promising Picture

Tom joins to review Bitcoin’s price new range, the fall of fees despite 40k support, the state of mining and more.

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How crypto market infrastructure is maturing for institutions

During 2020 and in most recent times institutions have been each time more drawn towards the possibilities of the cryptocurrency market and blockchain development. Being a fairly new market currently maturing, we now wonder how the infrastructure provided by the ecosystem catching up to institutions…

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SuperFluid – Generating money-streaming services in DeFi

Superfluid is a real-time settlement protocol built for DeFi. Using the Ethereum blockchain, this startup is focused on creating the first capital efficient gross settlement solution. This proposal highlights the flaws of today’s money transfer system across different types of money, including digital currencies. Francesco…

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ByteTree’s James Bennett reviews Bitcoin’s price break towards $40k and onchain settlement trends

James returns to review Bitcoin’s price break towards $40k, onchain settlement trends, the fall of BTC on Ethereum and more.

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Building a Banking Alternative for Emerging Economies

For those living within established western economies, Bitcoin and other crypto assets are mostly viewed as highly speculative investment instruments. However, and if the recent decisions in El Salvador are indicative of what is to come elsewhere, to those in developing nations it better serves…

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ByteTree’s James Bennett reviews Bitcoin’s volatility fall, miners defenses & the bear market

James returns to review Bitcoin volatility fall, miners defense against weak prices, bear market and the Network Demand Model.

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Defining Smart Contracts Under English Law

The mantra commonly spouted amongst early Ethereum developers was the idea that “Code is Law”. It was the view of many others that might know better that this was a somewhat spurious argument all along. Code is in fact code, and the law is still…

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