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Hear from the crypto industry's top leaders.

Democratizing Investments With Republic and Prosus


Mining Impact on BTC Price Movements With ByteTree’s James Bennett

James Bennett, CEO of ByteTree, provided an overview of on-chain and off-chain activity, with a special focus on mining trends and their potential impact. Bull Run and Volatility Volatility has been falling since late January. It sits at 80% annualized volatility after the recent bitcoin…

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NFT Close Up With Sfermion and Trustology

Paul Gordon talked to Andrew Steinwold, managing partner at Sfermion, and Alex Batlin, CEO of Trustology, to explore the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Andrew got involved in bitcoin in 2013. He participated in a few startups in the mid-2010s before launching an NFT fund…

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Discussing Women in Blockchain, Investing and Startup Diversity With Veronica Mihai

With International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month both falling in March, this topic has been a challenge in terms of representation for the crypto industry. Veronica Mihai is an angel investor and co-founder of Bloomwater Capital, a crypto hedge fund. She’s also a community…

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APAC Institutional Demand for Blockchain With Hex Trust and Algorand

Paul Gordon talked to Alessio Quaglini, CEO of Hex Trust, and Sean Lee, CEO of the Algorand Foundation, to explore their views on opportunities in Asia Pacific as well as their perspectives on regulation, community participation and the Hex Trust-Algorand collaboration. Hex Trust was created…

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Navigating Bitcoin’s New ATH and the NFT Craze With flovtec

Anton Golub, CEO of flovtec, joined Paul Gordon for a weekly review of the markets. Topics ranged from new bitcoin all-time highs, the heat surrounding NFTs, speculation from Mongolia, China and India on potential crypto bans, and governments holding crypto positions. Bitcoin’s All-Time High (again)…

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Crypto Market Integrity and Progression with Eventus Systems and BlockFi

Travis Schwab, CEO of Eventus Systems, and David Olsson, global head of institutional distribution at BlockFi, joined host Paul Gordon to discuss their experience between the worlds of traditional finance and crypto. They also discussed the balance between the institutional and retail needs of the…

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Bitcoin Fees in an Uptrend With ByteTree’s James Bennett

ByteTree’s James Bennett returned to analyze the latest BTC price movements. As of March 9, BTC sits at around USD 53,500. Fees Miner Selling Slows (1:10) As price has consolidated between USD 40,000-50,000, miners have decreased their rate of bitcoin selling. The blue block in…

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What Volatility Suggests in the Crypto Derivatives Markets With Flowdesk

(00:47) Guilhem Chaumont, CEO of Flowdesk, joined host Paul Gordon to discuss the cryptocurrency derivatives markets. What Flowdesk is seeing is that there is still high-priced volatility of around 95% for the at-the-money volatility. This clearly shows that the markets are still betting on the…

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Institutional Investor Flows With Crypto Finance Group

Rupertus Rothenhaeuser, CEO of Crypto Broker AG in the Crypto Finance Group, joined host Paul Gordon to discuss institutional investor demand for bitcoin. Rupertus discussed the recent market activity in which bitcoin pulled back, taking the broader crypto markets with it. On the Crypto Finance…

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Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Finance and Crypto w/Ava Labs

John Wu is president of Ava Labs, which is behind the Avalanche protocol and which recently partnered with Coinscrum. He joined host Teana Baker-Taylor to discuss the intersection of traditional financial markets and the blockchain space. John hails from the traditional financial world where he…

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How Corporate Demand and FOMO Are Fueling Bitcoin With BlockFi

David Olsson, vice president of Europe and Asia at BlockFi, joined host Teana Baker-Taylor to discuss crypto demand. BlockFi is seeing huge demand on the fiat side of dollars and stablecoins, which has been fueled by the climb up to all-time-highs at USD 58K on…

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