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How Cryptoassets & DeFi Are Reshaping TradFi

Coinscrum – Empowering The Institutional Crypto Community Coinscrum is where the institutional crypto community calls home. It brings together the crypto industry around three core offerings: community content and insights; trading products with a first flagship product ‘CORTEX’, the institutional crypto data, news and analysis…


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Coinscrum – Empowering The Institutional Crypto Community

Coinscrum is where the institutional crypto community calls home. It brings together the crypto industry around three core offerings: community content and insights; trading products with a first flagship product ‘CORTEX’, the institutional crypto data, news and analysis dashboard; and industry events.

Founded in 2012 by Paul Gordon, a derivatives trader and broker for more than 20 years, Coinscrum unites the UK crypto market around trusted information – without the noise.

How Cryptoassets & DeFi Are Reshaping TradFi

Panel #1 – Underpinning Crypto Asset Liquidity – Delivering Secure & Liquid Access To Crypto Assets For An Institutional Market

Eva Lawrence, Arcane Crypto AS (mod)
Rupertus Rothenhaeuser, Crypto Finance AG
Duncan Trenholme, ICAP

From their humble beginnings, crypto asset exchanges have been rapidly evolving into major trading venues, rivalling many of those in the capital markets in terms of daily traded volumes.

As institutional demand for this asset class has grown, the leading crypto exchanges have had to rapidly evolve to ensure that both performance and security are maintained to meet the expectations of this new class of participants whilst satisfying their existing user-base.

In this panel, we’ll hear from both exchange operators and leading liquidity providers to discuss how the industry has matured and how they compare to their more traditional peers.

Panel #2 – How Crypto Asset Market Infrastructure Is Maturing To Meet Institutional Demand

Matthew Lempriere, BSO (Mod)
Swen Werner, State Street
Lauren Kiley, Pure Digital Markets
Max Boonen, B2C2

When institutional participants first began to pay serious attention to Bitcoin and other crypto assets during the bull market of 2017, they quickly came to the realisation that a market infrastructure built primarily for a retail market was significantly lacking the broader support services they rely on in other markets.

Services such as Custody, Lending, Clearing & Prime Brokerage were still in their infancy, if available at all. Things have changed in the few years since with major players entering the market to fill these much needed roles.

In this panel, we’ll take a closer look at each of these functions and discuss how they’re finally opening up broader market access.

Panel #3 – Regulation Gets Real – Are Regulators Finally Getting Serious About Digital Assets?

Ian Taylor, CryptoUK (Mod)
Charles Kerrigan, CMS
Mary Beth Buchanan, Merkle Science
Marc Taverner, INATBA

Regulatory uncertainty has long been one of the key barriers to wider adoption of cryptocurrency and digital assets, slowing down innovation and increasing risks for firms looking to scale. The bull market of 2020 has coincided with increased scrutiny and attention from regulators in most jurisdictions. Will the EU in particular now clarify its position? And while the new US administration has been making some bold, new statements, how strict will President Biden’s position on digital assets turn out to be?

In this panel we will examine the latest regulatory trends in crypto and ask what companies need to be doing to remain compliant and stay one step ahead of the game.

Panel #4 – Decentralised Finance – Geek’s Paradise Or The Future Of Capital Markets?

Joyce Lai, New Territories (Mod)
John Wu, Ava Labs
Richard Crook, Lab577

Decentralised Finance boomed in 2020 growing from $700 million by December 2019 to $13 billion at the end of December 2020. And DeFi has reportedly already hit $40 billion this year, based on industry data. It looks like enthusiasm for DeFi is set to stay. But how well developed is the market infrastructure and technology underpinning DeFi?

Is the boom sustainable or just another example of temporary hype? And what are the upcoming DeFi trends we should expect to see to ensure that DeFi continues to boom in 2021?

Nick Duddy
Nick Duddy
CMO/COO at Coinscrum. Been round the rodeo a few times. Bitcoin first but that doesn't mean others aren't doing cool things worth investigating. Believe in strong communities, networks and people.

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