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Hear from the crypto industry's top leaders.

Why enterprise blockchains may be less sexy than DeFi but they’re still very real with ConsenSys


Bytetree’s new method to capture transaction volume with Charlie Morris

Charlie Morris, chairman of ByteTree, provided a macro view of onchain data over the past week using a new method to capture transaction volume. He said that with the blockchain, transaction data is subjective for various reasons. (39:30) “Our new methodology strips out a lot…

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Discussing the DeFi Liquidity Pools Experiment With Coinlist

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The state of crypto trading in the Asian markets with Matrixport

Nisa Amoils spoke with Cynthia Wu and Daniel Yan, both of Matrixport, about the state of crypto trading in the Asian markets and structured products. Matrixport is a spinoff from blockchain and crypto mining giant Bitmain and offers digital asset financial services. The company is…

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Enabling DeFi for bitcoin with IOV Labs and Money on Chain

Much of the hype surrounding DeFi has been on Ethereum-based projects. But RSK, which was founded in 2015, was in decentralized finance before DeFi became the force that it is today. Teana Baker-Taylor spoke with Gabriel Kurman, master advocate at IOV Labs, the company powering…

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Diving Into DiFi and Yield Farming With BlockFi

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Discussing redundant compute and unused network capacity with Cudo and The Hut Group

The explosion in cloud computing and the gaming industry over the past few years has left a great deal of redundant compute and network capacity unused. That’s where Cudo, a tech company dedicated to capturing unused computing power, comes in. It is looking to solve…

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Demand for DeFi stemming from institutional investors with Delphi Digital

While liquidity pools and automated market making have been taking the DeFi spotlight of late, Veta Protocol started developing its DeFi network for issuing, trading and settling derivatives contracts two years ago. With the launch of the protocol nearing, Vega Protocol Founder Barney Mannerings and…

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Why bitcoin has been pretty extraordinary over the past 10 weeks with Chainalysis

Philip Gradwell, chief economist at Chainalysis, provided this week’s onchain reaction. (43:40) Bitcoin is in its tenth week with an average price above $10K. Gradwell said it’s pretty extraordinary, considering there’s only been two other times that bitcoin has maintained a high price above 10K…

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Discussing BitMEX’s One-Two Punch from the U.S. DOJ and CFTC With Strix Leviathan

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Bringing Clearing to the Crypto Markets With Koine and X-Margin

Teana Baker-Taylor spoke with the founders of Koine and X-Margin about bringing clearing to the crypto markets. With headlines such as Paul Tudor-Jones and MicroStrategy on one hand and BitMEX on the other side of the spectrum, the crypto ecosystem is being challenged to mature….

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Discussing MiCA and Who It Applies to With XReg Consulting

The first draft of euro zone policy known as the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) has been proposed. CryptoUK’s Ian Taylor spoke with Sian Jones, senior partner at XReg Consulting, who has experience working with MEPs and helping them to come to terms with the…

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