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Discussing Crypto Funds and Hedge Funds with Novum Insights


Why BitMEX Charges Are as Serious as a Heart Attack With Stephen Palley

The U.S. Department of Justice filed an indictment against the BitMEX senior executive team, including Arthur Hayes, Samuel Reed and Benjamin Delo as well as Gregory Dwyer, for violating the federal Bank Secrecy Act. At the same time, the Commodity Futures Trade Commission (CFTC) took…

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Discovering Institutional Demand for Digital Assets with Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph will publish its latest report, dubbed “Discovering Institutional Demand for Digital Assets,” on Oct. 22. Demelza Hays, head of research at Cointelegraph and co-author of the report, joined Teana Baker-Taylor to discuss some of the findings. Hays explained how the focus of the research…

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Bitcoin ATM Profile on the Rise with BlockFi

David Olsson, managing director for Europe and Asia at BlockFi, spoke with Teana Baker-Taylor about bitcoin ATMs and the geopolitical scene on the heels of the U.S. presidential election. Olsson said that BlockFi believes the election is good for crypto whichever way it goes. It…

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The FCA’s Crypto Derivatives Ban for Retail Investors With Global Law Firm CMS

Regulators are tightening their grip on cryptocurrency trading venues. Following a year-long consultation, the UK’s FCA recently announced a new policy banning the offering of derivative products that track cryptocurrency assets to UK-based retail investors and traders. Charles Kerrigan, attorney and global head of fintech…

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The Next Wave of Institutional Crypto Trading Infrastructure in Europe With Finery Tech and Sheeld Market

Improved market infrastructure that can support growing institutional interest in crypto assets has been a hot topic, with significant investment flowing into companies building solutions. Until recently, much of it was focused on the United States, especially when it comes to custody and prime brokerage….

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The Uniswap Governance Debacle

This is another story of why Governance and Tokenomics is so important for the valuation of a DeFi project. Uniswap is a household name in the DeFi space. They are the Apple of the crypto industry. They have great investors, a great team, and they…

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Crypto Hedge Funds Flock to Liquidity With Novum Insights

Novum Insights CEO Toby Lewis discussed the cryptocurrency fund universe with a focus on crypto hedge funds. He explained that many cryptocurrency hedge funds are characterized by almost quasi venture capital, such as Polychain Capital, DCG or Pantera. Lewis said that while they are deploying…

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Bitcoin Price Volatility Has Returned With ByteTree

ByteTree CEO James Bennett discussed the latest onchain insights and observations in the Onchain Reaction segment. This week he started off by looking at price volatility. A couple of weeks ago, he discussed how price volatility was hovering at close to an unprecedented level of…

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‘What I See Is What You See on Corda’ With R3

R3 was the first enterprise consortium to come on the scene in 2015, when the founders recognized the opportunities the blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, could offer the banking sector and beyond. Richard Brown, R3 chief technology officer, joined Teana Baker-Taylor to discuss how the…

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Bitcoin Volatility, How R3’s Corda Platform Differs From Bitcoin and Insuring Smart Contracts With Nexus Mutual and Nayms

Bitcoin Price Volatility Is Back With ByteTree In this week’s episode, ByteTree CEO James Bennett discussed the latest onchain insights and observations in the Onchain Reaction segment. Bitcoin price volatility has returned after falling to close to an unprecedented level of 20-22% a couple of…

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Insuring Smart Contracts With Nexus Mutual and Nayms

Ethereum’s success has proven the demand for smart contracts, but not without risks, as many high-profile hacks have shown. The rise of the smart contract insurance market is helping to fix these issues, with companies like Nexus Mutual and Nayms at the forefront. Nexus Mutual…

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